#farmemento – The Brief

We all face different problems and I’ve personally been trying hard to cherish the good times and always fight through the lows.

Apart from journaling, one of the things I try to do is capture the moment through photos. Not with a digital camera/ cellphone, but an analog/ film camera–I use 35 mm film. The sensation of taking photos without knowing the results directly is somehow exhilarating. I’ve also been trying to write poems lately. Therefore I will share the results of my own photos and poems on this blog.

KLCC park in a quiet mode–for quite a long time already

Just like a photo that we take as we pass by something, we might judge at one glanceā€¦ However every photo has its own stories and has multiple interpretations which is totally fine. So I hope both of my photos and poems can give strength or inspiration to anyone who sees it.

Don’t you feel odd to be in a tourist-spot w/out anyone here? šŸ˜¦

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