Reload: Our Last 50 Hours…

My wound hadn’t even healed from 7 months ago, then last April 17, I had to feel the loss one more time… This time for my beloved grandpa </3

I’m floating—with no anchor to ground me. I don’t know how to explain my feeling or emotion anymore, and it’s just that I’m staying alive. I’m not functioning well… The deaths that took our beloved away left a significant heartbreak. Forever. And. Ever!

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How Much Separation Hurts

I feel so confused about how I’m ‘supposed’ to feel. My heart is totally heavy with grief and it feels hard to feel light-hearted again as it’s too painful and hard to bear.

I never imagined it would be this painful to lose your family member for good. One of my ‘godmothers’ has just passed away and it makes me torn into pieces now…

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The Never-Ending Issues for Women

’cause marriage is not always the goal of life for every woman

I have always been interested in social issues such as inequality, gender, racism, and social change. Growing up in a culture that still considers women as “complementary” where I don’t have much room to stand alone makes me feel insecure.

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