#farmemento – The Brief

We all face different problems and I’ve personally been trying hard to cherish the good times and always fight through the lows.

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Are You Excited to Welcome 2021?

A week left before 2020 turned into 2021. How do I feel? How should it be anyway?

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DAY 25: Something Inspired of the 11th Image on My Phone


What a random topic on day 25!

Well, here it goes… The 11th image on my phone.

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DAY 24: Write about a Lesson I’ve Learned


Di tahun 2015, Steve Jobs pernah memberikan commencement speech untuk Stanford University’s Graduation. Banyak hal yang bisa aku ambil dari situ setelah menontonnya, salah satunya adalah perihal “connecting the dots”.

So instead of “a lesson I’ve learned”, it’s more suitable as “lesson(S) I’ve learned.”

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DAY 18: Thirty Facts About Myself


30 facts about me–as if someone cared and wanted to know.

So here they go… 

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DAY 15: If I Could Run Away, Where Would I Go?


If I could run away, where would I go? I’m gonna say a place that I have never been to where no one knows who I am. Di antaranya yang selama ini aku bayangkan adalah New Zealand atau Swiss (pun aku sudah mengunjungi Zurich). 

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