#farmemento – The Brief

We all face different problems and I’ve personally been trying hard to cherish the good times and always fight through the lows.

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Are You Excited to Welcome 2021?

A week left before 2020 turned into 2021. How do I feel? How should it be anyway?

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DAY 25: Something Inspired of the 11th Image on My Phone


What a random topic on day 25!

Well, here it goes… The 11th image on my phone.

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DAY 19: My First Love


First love feels like a look back—whether it’s in the present or as a true flashback. How could I define first love if I might not know what love means yet? Haha.

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DAY 6: Single and Happy


Wow! Sungguh takjub aku masih konsisten dengan tantangan 30 hari menulis yang sangat penuh komitmen dan terkesan “demanding” untuk diriku. So let’s try on this.. Topik hari ke-enam yang luas akan interpretasi ini.

Am I single? Am I happy? Both are choices in life!

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