How Much Separation Hurts

I feel so confused about how I’m ‘supposed’ to feel. My heart is totally heavy with grief and it feels hard to feel light-hearted again as it’s too painful and hard to bear.

I never imagined it would be this painful to lose your family member for good. One of my ‘godmothers’ has just passed away and it makes me torn into pieces now…

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DAY 27: Someone who Inspires Me


I don’t think there are many people who can inspire me that much–significantly. But even so, there is one important person who might be called a role model in my life.

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DAY 11: Talk about My Siblings


I may be good in words, but not to speak and tell my feelings directly–especially to all of my beloved people. Aku termasuk orang yang lebih senang menunjukan rasa melalui tindakan, tulisan, namun tidak secara lisan dan langsung. 

Salah satu pemberian Tuhan yang berharga di hidupku adalah hadirnya adikku.

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DAY 5: My Parents


What a tough theme for day 5. Literally, without my parents I wouldn’t exist in this world. LOL! Kecuali mungkin aku merupakan hadiah chiki atau tato tempel dari permen karet yosan? 

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Berdamai dengan Masa Lalu

Berhenti membenci masa lalu!

After countless of fights with myself. After millions questions I wonder what went wrong between us, I realize… Some people grow together, some grow apart. And there’s nothing we could do to fix it.

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