DAY 30: Write about What Do I Feel When I Write



I could finally finish what I started, and it’s such a massive accomplishment for me :’)

Am I being too much? Who cares!

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DAY 29: My Goals for the Future


Ini merupakan pernyataan yang perlu kehati-hatian dalam penyampaiannya. Mungkin tidak seperti anak kecil ketika ditanya “Cita-citamu kalau sudah besar mau jadi apa?” Menurutku, ini bukan sekedar pertanyaan tersebut, tapi lebih kepada memaknai tujuan hidup.

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DAY 18: Thirty Facts About Myself


30 facts about me–as if someone cared and wanted to know.

So here they go… 

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DAY 17: Ways to Win My Heart


I’ve only been doing this #30DaysWritingChallenge for 17 days and I’m so frustrated already. At first, I thought “oh well it’s just 30 posts for 30 days. So 1 post per day is easy-peasy.”

Then now… I must admit it, having such a commitment is somewhat difficult.

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DAY 16: Someone I Miss


Truthfully speaking… I miss the old me!

Probably, not many people know that I’m struggling with mental illness: depression to be exact. Not about to point that out, now… Well, I just miss “the former me”when everything feels so easy to be handled.

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DAY 15: If I Could Run Away, Where Would I Go?


If I could run away, where would I go? I’m gonna say a place that I have never been to where no one knows who I am. Di antaranya yang selama ini aku bayangkan adalah New Zealand atau Swiss (pun aku sudah mengunjungi Zurich). 

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