Are You Excited to Welcome 2021?

A week left before 2020 turned into 2021. How do I feel? How should it be anyway?

Tahun ini tuh rasanya kayak “lelucon” aja. Berasa tapi ga berasa! Bingung ga tuh? Kayaknya masih jelas banget di ingatan bagaimana rasanya menghabiskan tahun 2019 bersama keluarga di Malaysia. Siapa sangka 2020 berakhir dengan “nge-skip”.

“Gilee bercanda nih 2020, masa udah mau 2021 aja sih” kayaknya jadi salah satu kalimat wajar yang dilontarkan orang-orang–or is it just me? It surely is a rollercoaster road for me!

Sejujurnya udah ga tau lagi harus bereaksi gimana lagi setiap ditanya “are you okay?”. This is all way too much yet have no choice at all. Live with it!

Time flies… The pandemic is still happening, and all we can do is life in between by taking care of ourselves as best we can. Isn’t it?

This might not be my best year, yet I surely have learned a lot of things during these uneasy times. I became more acquainted with myself and I think there is nothing more valuable right now than appreciating it.

So, I would like to thank God that I’m still breathing :))

Sincerely wish for a better 2021!


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