DAY 27: Someone who Inspires Me


I don’t think there are many people who can inspire me that much–significantly. But even so, there is one important person who might be called a role model in my life.

That particular person is my aunt–my father’s little sister, my paternal grandparents’ 2nd child. I think I’ve told this before that my closeness to my aunt is closer than that to my biological mother. I’ve lived with her since I was 2 years old until I went to college ‘cause at that time she got married and lived in her own house.

What makes her my role model? She is a figure of an independent woman who is full of responsibility, willing, and clearly knows what she wants for her life. 

She is so “vocal” regarding how much I should prioritize education regardless of my parent’s issues. She believes that everyone has the right to be “successful” in their life as an individual, not because of “whose child are you?”

Because of my aunt, I got used to reading. When most little girls at that time got used to having barbie collections, my aunt gave me a lot of reading books–which are appropriate for my age level at that time. “Books are a window to the world” is a proverb that was instilled in me a long time ago. I remember very well my aunt said “You have to read in order to know many things that exist in this world.”

My very first cinema experience was first introduced by my aunt–Mulan to be exact, then it’s become one of my favorite movies. She brought me to the cinema in order to introduce me that the story in the book is possibly turned into a movie, and the movie can not only be watched on television, but also at the cinema. 

Maybe the main reason I made her my role model is that she showed me that as humans we shouldn’t feel limited to doing anything. Wanna work? Go ahead! Get married? Please. Still eager to pursue a degree? Keep it on! Do what you wanna do as long as you can be responsible for your life. Everyone has their own time frame so there’s no need to be jealous of other people’s achievements. She may not have married at a young age, but all I know is that she doesn’t regret it and keeps doing what’s best for her.

Even though I knew words would not adequately represent my feelings for her, here it is a letter of gratitude for my dearest aunt…

Thank you for always believing in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. You didn’t even judge me when you finally found out that I was struggling with my mental health. You always have my back, open ears, and open heart to me.

It’s such a relief knowing that I can come to you when I need advice and I can always count on an honest and helpful answer. You are one of my biggest supporters. You always encourage me to do the things that I love, that I can always do better and God loves me.

I’m happy that I have someone who supports me unconditionally and is a person to who I can talk about all the things that only a Mother can fully understand. You are one of the very few people that I trust. I hope you know that you are such a beautiful person and you truly deserve all the beautiful things in this world.

All of the stories you’ve shared and the memories we’ve made together will forever resonate with me. Of all the times I may have seemed ungrateful, I want you to know that nothing you have done has been forgotten.

Richly blessed is how I feel by having you in my life. Thank you for being born and sharing in whatever ups and downs life may bring. Stay healthy and wait ‘till we travel together again!

Always remember that in a world of grey, you are and will forever be a bright ray of sunshine. 

Ur “annoying” niece


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