DAY 18: Thirty Facts About Myself


30 facts about me–as if someone cared and wanted to know.

So here they go… 

  1. A complicated human being.
  2. An Indonesian with a lot of tribal blood inside me (Father: Javanese, Sundanese, Padangnese; Mother: Betawi, Chinese)
  3. Born in Jakarta, live between Depok and Lembang–situational but currently in Kuala Lumpur.
  4. Been living in Malaysia since March 2018 and don’t know how much longer it will be.
  5. I used to be the only child before my parents added a little brother for me when I was 16 years old. I’m happy though I have become a big sis.
  6. I’m closer to my grandparents (paternal side, cause I no longer have from the maternal side) than my parents, probably because I’ve been staying with them since I was 2 years old.
  7. Having a closer bond with aunt than mother.
  8. An ambivert who stated an INTJ-choleric personality.
  9. It feels cringe if you expect that I will show affection with words-saying because I’m more comfortable with actions or sometimes writing.
  10. My primary love language is quality time–go check yours here.
  11. Easy to communicate with new people but difficult to be close to them.
  12. Having trust issues as I believe most people feel this way also.
  13. Currently battling with mental illness–depression.
  14. An uneasy forgiver–sorry, that’s my bitter truth.
  15. Sometimes I do self-talking as I have a doppelgänger–hopefully, I’m not the only one like this in this entire world.
  16. Inside my head, sometimes I do swearing & commenting to people around me–is this way too bad?
  17. Having serious problems remembering routes, but hey I can read Maps!
  18. Will always choose milk above soda–forgot when’s the last time I drank soda.
  19. Actually I’m not a morning person, yet I’m pushing myself because… Why not?
  20. I used to compose & arrange songs with my high school friends.
  21. I have 3 unfinished novels that were written by me. I lost my idea since I spend most of my time on my “wrecking life”.
  22. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” is my fave word all along! I also love the song from Mary Poppins!
  23. Having potato skin, which means my skin will easily get a scar caused by insects or even hurt by things & after that, It takes a long time to be cured.
  24. I’m so grateful for everything I am (I’m talking about my appearance), however I really love my eyes.
  25. I wanna speak fluently in (minimum) 3 languages (my mother language isn’t counted)–I’ve been learning Korean since quite a few years ago.
  26. My first live theatre experience was the “Coppélia Ballet Show” and it was amazing!
  27. I had a superb experience to do such as marathon-backpacking to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Singapore for 12 days in a row.
  28. Sometimes I really wanna know how it feels to disappear.
  29. If I have a superpower and I can choose what my superpower is, I wanna have “precognition” (the ability to perceive events before they happen).
  30. Family comes for the very first, even outside my head.

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